About Us:


Welcome to our Virtuous Jewels online jewelry boutique and thank you for taking the time to read about our journey! We are a husband and wife duo who have fallen in love with bringing about a sense of confidence and value to people by offering trendy, fashionable AND affordable jewelry and accessories. We are SO happy you’re here!

By offering our services of beauty, our mission is to remind our customers of how valuable and fearless they are. We desire that each person live in the moment and feel great about themselves, because when they do, we believe, in THAT moment, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Residing in the great state of Oklahoma, Patricia Stanton, the CEO and Founder of Virtuous Jewels, LLC., as a business owner, has exceeded personal and professional goals along her business journey.  What drives Patricia? Her desire to motivate others’ lives in the area of beauty and fashion, helping to strengthen or find their confidence. 





Your Favorite Jewelry Girl,